Yoga For Runners

As a keen sportswoman and barefoot runner, Emma understands that stretching is important, but it’s just as important for runners to ensure their muscles are strong and balanced.

yoga4runnersUKplankRunning doesn’t work the body evenly. Issues like tight ITB, overused outer quads and weak inner quads are imbalances in the legs and can lead to knee problems.

Weak gluteal muscles lead to hip instability and injuries, so Emma teaches how yoga can strengthen the gluteus medius, and free the hips. Running will often compresses the spine, however yoga can help to alleviate this by promoting mobility of the vertebrae and by lengthening tight hamstrings and psoas. By practicing regularly  you are beginning to positively address the physical indicators that are often connected to lower back pain.

Emma facilitates regular 3 hour afternoon workshops around the country and she teaches runners how to stretch and balance the major muscle groups of the body, using yoga. Her aim is to teach runners a basic 30 minute yoga practice that they can continue to work with at home, with a free DVD, safe in the knowledge Emma has passed to them.

It’s all physical practice, plenty of laughter and no mumbo jumbo – come and see how yoga can promote the longevity of your running.

2013’s Yoga Programme 52 minutes.
2014’s Yoga Programme 30 minutes
Terms and conditions of booking. Click here.
Or telephone Emma Spencer-Goodier on 01983 612545

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