Yoga brunch

Yoga strengthens and balances the physical body, utilises the breath to reveal innate natural intelligence and to calm the mind. The practice of yoga becomes a precious time to rejuvenate and a powerful tool towards a healthier lifestyle. Emma will guide you towards a strong, flexible, relaxed body and a clear mind.

Inspired teachings, warm company, delicious love kissed food - the perfect start to the weekend.

A collaborative effort with local teachers.

We are offering a Saturday morning yoga practice followed by a health vegetarian brunch to kick start your weekend. Arrive to start at 08:30 hrs, aiming to start brunch at 10:30 hrs. Price is £20 for extended practice and meal.

2020 dates:

19 September- Emma Spencer-Goodier - Ashtanga Explorations

17 October - Jenny Stewart - Vinyasa Explorations

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