Service or Seva : how can I be of service to you? I spend a lot of time with volunteers in my triathlon club and the island's amazing running community. I would love love love to see more of this generosity for the benefit of our yoga community. Could you, would you, should you give up precious time to cultivate more yoga, more community vibes, more love for the island? I am offering my home practice space, not for profit (anyones), so folk who would like to unroll their mats and have a communal space for practice TOGETHER, rain or shine.

It will need bank of volunteers, but for now I will be the qualified yoga teacher in the room for health and safety reasons, but envision sharing this with other community souls. To be clear, this would not be a taught practice. In the same way I do not hire a coach each time I go for a run, you do not need a teacher for every practice you do on your mat. But sometimes you need the draw of a community energy and a date in the diary to get you there.

Anyone who has witnessed the power of ParkRun each week as a vehicle for community or Kula in sanskrit will know where I'm coming from.

Please join the Facebook Group and book your place each week - there are just 9 spaces so please be sure you will be able to make it.


Posted on
February 5, 2019

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