Somatic Explorations of Ashtanga Yoga with Helen McCabe

July 17, 2020


The Logshed - Nettlestone

Somatic exploration of Ashtanga Yoga as a tool for self enquiry - a one day retreat.

Having the familiarity of a template for our practice can allow us to drop into deeper levels of self awareness. We practice a similar set of asanas each day and yet the experience is always different. The Ashtanga Yoga system, as a template for self practice, has the potential to be transformational, if we are able to use it as a guide for developing an embodied and unique practice, which we approach with curiosity.

Yoga is ultimately a connection to our true nature, devoid of the layers of identification with external things, and in turn it is our connection to the greater world, to a greater consciousness.

During this one day retreat, Helen will hold a space within which to share from her own somatic experience of these practices over the last 30 years. We will exploring simple tools and techniques to support each person in their own inquiry.

The morning session will begin with gentle breath awareness and pranayama, followed by a practice in which Helen will guide us through the Sun Salutations, Standing asanas and partway through the Primary series asanas. We will explore some of the repeating patterns in the asanas as well as variations, using the traditional vinyasa count as a thread.

Whilst honouring the traditions of the practice and the clarity of having a familiar system to explore, Helen will encourage each person to explore variations and ways of moving that are the most supportive for them. Embodying our own practice in this way helps us to develop a deeper connection to and awareness of our self,‘Svādhyāya' (self study), starting with our physical body.

The afternoon session elments of your practice through the lens of somatic movement experience, in particular our relationship withFoundation and our centre of movement.
will be an opportunity to un-pack and explore the elements of your practice through the lens of somatic movement experience, in particular our relationship withFoundation and our centre of movement.
This will be a combination of gentle movement practices and discussion.

Suitable for all levels of experience except complete beginners - some experience of the Ashtanga yoga system would be beneficial.

Helen has practiced yoga since 1991 and has been teaching for over 17 years. A mum and grandmother, she is based in Dorset, where she teaches both Yoga and somatic movement. In 2014 she founded ‘Yoga at the Space’, a beautiful practice space for the local community. She also mentors new teachers and runs regular retreats and workshops both in her own space and internationally.

Helen started practicing yoga, as new mum-to-be, working in an exciting but stressful job in the film industry. It has played a major part in her life ever since. She completed theBWY 3 year diploma in 2005, as well as Ashtanga yoga training with John and Lucy Scott.She completed training in pre and post natal yoga, youth yoga and mindfulness and somatic movement. She is a registered Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga AllianceProfessionals and has had the privilege of studying with some wonderful teachers over the last 25 years.

Helen teaches with a gentle, inclusive and encouraging approach with practitioner empowerment at its heart and loves sharing these tools in a way that supports people to develop their own embodied practice. She considers herself to be a student first and foremost and is currently furthering her study and knowledge of yoga as a therapeutic practice with Yogamedicine® as well as her ongoing enquiry as a Somatic movement coach.

Helen is also passionate about the importance of making these tools much more accessible in our communities and is honoured to be a founding member of both theUrban Yogis UK and Amayu teaching teams.

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