The Yoga of Rest

August 28, 2020

18:00 hrs

The Logshed & Online

When we aren't sleeping well, it can feel as though nothing is going well.

A foggy brain can lead to grumpiness, weight gain, chronic pain and anxiety. We flump about our beds, worrying about the impact our insomnia might have on the day ahead.

For me a bad night is often a wake up call (literally) to unresolved issues, to realising that I'm out of alignment with the Source, or a reminder of this age, this change, this transformation that I am experiencing.

Yoga is proven in studies encourage participants to sleep for longer, fall asleep faster, and return to sleep more quickly if they wake up in the middle of the night. To take rest is radicle resistance to a busy consumer driven world.

You too join this revolution - this is your invitation from me to you. Learn a gentle routine of quietening asanas, calming breath techniques and deep yoga nidra to lovingly reprogram your relationship with rest and sleep. To book a place in the studio click here

Zoom places for £20 available please contact me for booking and Zoom link.

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