July 31, 2020

18:00 hrs

Seaview or on-line

This workshop is vital for women. Connecting to our soul, our creativity and our seat of stability. This is the yoga of the yoni and it is unapologetically that I bring our attention to the temple of Shakti.

Emotionally & energetically, we work lovingly with our root chakra, the seat of stability and desires, our foundation stone and its connection to our soul. Womb work brings us up into the second chakra, examining the birthing of fresh insights and transcending of a negative mindset.

This work is perfect for women of all ages and fitness levels. I will be including powerfully subtle practices suitable for women diagnosed with a weak pelvic floor, prolapse and diastasis recti.

Kind, safe, honest & inclusive this workshop dives into the temple of the divine feminine; unapologetically acknowledging, tuning in & turning back on to this foundational aspect of ourself.

There are five physical spaces on this workshop and then there are virtual zoom mat spaces. Please allow three hours; expect movement, stillness, journaling, breath work & yoga nidra.

Physical Space - £30

Virtual Space - £20

If this is speaking to you, then please contact me. Thank you for your interest, as I really believe that this work is SO important.

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