Yoga Teacher Training Course - 300 hrs

Island School of Yoga, Seaview. IOW

There is a point on our journey when a deep part of us yearns to know more and to have access to a level of teaching beyond that of our normal yoga class or yoga holiday. This programme is designed to immerse you in the precious art of yoga practice for your own growth, self-care, life-skills and soul connection. Elegantly weaving ancient teachings with contemporary context, participants are mentored through their personal journey as you learn to incorporate confidently the valuable tools of yoga into life.

From here, when you are sure that it is your life purpose to teach, you have a committed team to support your growth as you find your own own voice, your own style, your own unique and special talents that you can bring in service to future students. This is the most comprehensive yoga teaching training course I could imagine. It is not designed to be easy, it will balance practice, academic enquiry and teaching theory. The course helps you to become prepared, confident, humble, inspirational and safe to step to the front of the class and share the healing practices of yoga.

The three hundred hour training is taken in two parts; 200 hrs of personal work and philosophical/theoretical study and 100 hrs of specific teacher focused delivery and mentoring.

Commitment - 9 weekends of work from April - December 2022.

Full details of this inspirational 300 hour course can be found at Island School of Yoga - where I am the senior teacher and founder.

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