Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga strengthens and balances the physical body, utilises the breath to reveal innate natural intelligence and to calm the mind. The practice of yoga becomes a precious time to rejuvenate and a powerful tool towards a healthier lifestyle. Emma will guide you towards a strong, flexible, relaxed body and a clear mind.

Beginners Essentials

Learn the foundations of the Ashtanga method of yoga. The breath, movement and choreography of postures. Instruction to this strong practice is sensitive to the individual's needs. No experience is presumed.

Led Class

Guided classes through the primary, secondary and advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Creatively sequenced to allow practitioners to experience the depth of the method. This class is on a Tuesday evening at 6pm - The Logshed Studio.

Mysore Class

A quiet supportive space to practice the sequence under the close guidance of your teacher. This is about creating a personal practice bespoke to you. It is not ideal for the complete beginner who would be recommended to complete an essentials course first. These run periodically in the year as week long immersion opportunities.

Secondary Series Course

A slow careful exploration of the secondary series over eight weeks(sometimes called the intermediate series or Nadi Sodhana). A practical knowledge, regularly visited of the primary series would be essential before booking this course.

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