Hatha Yoga

Yoga strengthens and balances the physical body, utilises the breath to reveal innate natural intelligence and to calm the mind. The practice of yoga becomes a precious time to rejuvenate and a powerful tool towards a healthier lifestyle. Emma will guide you towards a strong, flexible, relaxed body and a clear mind.

Yoga for All - A flowing Hatha yoga class for beginners or those people who prefer a slower foundational class, or those returning to the practice after a long break. Students work through a portfolio of about 20 asanas or yoga postures over the course duration, breath control is taught through basic pranayama techniques and each class finishes with a ten minute final relaxation. Tuesday evening. See schedule for details.

Advanced Hatha Yoga - These classes assume a good grounding in asana and pranayama work and regular practice for at least one year. The classes are for practitioners who are looking to deepen their understanding and practice of hatha yoga. The instruction looks at interesting variations of asanas and widens the portfolio of body and breath work. Dynamic flowing vinyasa practice is introduced and imaginative self expression is encouraged. This class is run by and booked through Della Lubeck.

Thursday mornings. See Schedule for details.

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