Betwixtmas is that space between the frantic excitement of Christmas and the transition into the new year ahead. It’s like a slow relaxing exhale, with all the benefits that rest brings. Time to read, reflect, recharge, potter and plan. New year is a potent time of transition; stepping over the threshold of a new year intentionally and setting the trajectory of life, balancing purpose and fluidity, effort and acceptance.

2021 was a year when I stepped outside my comfort zone and took responsibility for the further education of five brave and curious souls through the ‘Becoming’ courses. These long term programmes, Becoming Yogi and Becoming Teacher offer foundational training in the teachings of yoga for personal and professional growth. I worked with a wonderful cohort of professionals, shining contemporary context into the ancient teachings of yoga, Buddhism and the Celtic traditions. It’s been a rich and rewarding year for me, both professionally and personally, despite this particularly challenging time for being a facilitator of group classes and collective face to face experiences.

Looking ahead into 2022, here’s my plan - the need for growing and expanding what and how I teach feels a very strong. However, there is still a grateful attachment to the community that has supported my maturation to this point, and a recognition that I must still honour consistency and a schedule of yoga practice for my existing friends and clients, both face-to-face and online. As such I am so delighted to welcome to the teaching schedule next year four fresh faces, Beth Whitmore, Clare Williams, Gabriele Giglio and Tina Jennings. All will be supporting your yoga in either new classes or covering my existing sessions, when I’m elsewhere. This year, I intend to offer that which feels most needed; specialist courses for those who need practices less mainstream and more bespoke.

🌱 Saturday Sangha - themed extended sessions for the full expression of practice: meditation, pranayama & asana. (Alternating between hatha yoga & ashtanga yoga bimonthly).
🌱 Yoga for Menopause
🌱 Yoga for Pregnancy
🌱 Remedial Yoga for therapeutic healing
🌱 Intermediate/Advanced Hatha Yoga
🌱 Ashtanga Yoga - primary/secondary/advanced
🌱 Becoming Yogi & Becoming Teacher

Online teaching continues to offer access and continuity to classes that many of you still appreciate. It’s the way that I will teach live when traveling and for convenience there is an enormous library of classes on demand that serves around seventy five subscribers by donation each month. This bank of classes will remain online and be topped up depending on lockdown, my travel or whatever zoom programme we are facilitating each month.

I am holding off opening January’s schedule of classes until we are sure that there isn’t going to be another lockdown. You’ll get a brief email inviting you to book as soon as we know what the immediate weeks are going to look like. With lateral flow tests readily available both online and from the chemists, it would be both kind and considerate of you to test yourself prior to coming to class.

So for now, please stay safe and well and I look forward to teaching you in the new year - love Em x

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December 27, 2021

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