LENT - a pilgrimage to the heart

Today is pancake day or Shrove Tuesday. Traditionally a time of penitence, abstinence, prayer and reflection, what it offers contemporary seekers is a transformational space of conscious healing, recovery and renewal. Forty days and forty nights is considered the minimum time it takes to truly embed new habits and transform old unhelpful ones.

I love these pockets of time carved out by our deep time ancestors for meaningful reflection and the cultivation of positive disciplines. But rather than thinking of what to abstain from, which can leave a sense of 'less than', I try to bring new, uplifting, beneficial practices into my life. The story of Christ's retreat to the desert speaks of profound humility and cultivating the strength and capacity to say no and break the strongholds! Certainly lessons that feel pertinent at this time.

Darkness can give way to light. Spring will born from winter and something new and wonderful can be born in us.

What new habit would you like to be born this spring? Will you paint, learn french, meditate, volunteer, clear the beach, meet with friends - what will you do with the precious time? If you'd like the support of an online community without walls or borders, to practice your yoga and meditation habit, why not join me on line by donation - www.patreon.com/yogawithemma

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March 1, 2022
Self Care

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