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March 30, 2017

That sound echoing round the Isle? That’s me howling with frustration as once again I fail to remember some obscure password in my tech rich life. Is there some technology to make the yogis’ life easier or fuller, or are we just being manipulated into purchasing yet more stuff we could live happier without?

Who remembers the Wii Fit? Whilst it turned out not to be the future of modern yoga thank goodness, it did introduce some people to the idea of yoga, people who now practice traditionally. Now the Wii has been discarded in the garage, what’s out there today in the technology world to aid or spice up our yoga?

If you have fast broadband you might want to consider streaming a prerecorded yoga class straight into your home. My firm favourite, for her down to earth integrity and wisdom is Esther Ekhart, www.ekhartyoga.com. Although no substitute for time with a teacher face to face, they are a great tool for outside of class.

How about yoga via Skype? Erling at www.IsleofYoga.com is now offering on-line teaching for that one to one feeling when you can't get to Shanklin.

Regular guided meditation has been revolutionised by an online app called www.headspace.com, available over a computer on through your phone, allowing you to easily squeeze ten valuable minutes of headspace into everyday. This works as well for teenagers as it does for adults.

Ironically however, the firm favourites for me are those technological aids aimed at keeping our screen time limited. Try Freedom, https://freedom.to, an application to block distracting websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube for scheduled periods - invaluable during the revision months. I also have an application on my mobile phone called Moments which monitors the amount of time I spend on my phone each day and acts as just a little reminder of how much time can be wasted dreaming away on Instagram when the sun is shining and the beach is calling if I only lifted my eyes and looked out the window.

The call as ever is to be discerning and mindful in our use of technology, finding the middle path for  the modern yogi, somewhere between screen junkie and Luddite. Finding what provides genuine added value to our practice of a life lived fully.

Posted on
March 30, 2017

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