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Yoga & meditation Retreat

October 30, 2023
November 3, 2023

This is my favourite offering to you. Five days in a stunning Jacobean manor house, botanical gardens, views to the Downs and then to the sea. Together we will rest back into silence and all its potent revelations. Nestled in the beauty of this venue, we will be safe in the rhythms of retreat, pausing, making space, healing and finding wisdom and peace. Perhaps this is the most profound way for you to prepare for the darkest months and make ready for the festive period ahead. This is an immersive retreat for a more serious yogic enquiry. There will be silence each morning and one full day of silence on the Wednesday and longer twice daily meditation and pranayama sessions than my weekends allow. When we practice with the purpose of deep inner listening, there is a supportive sweet clarity that emerges and a healing that happens in the silence.


I offer yoga programmes to take participants deeper in their asana, pranayama (breath work) and meditation. Ideal for those of you who are curious about delving deeper into your yoga practice, these immersions are not suitable for the complete beginner. My background in Sivananda, Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga has cultivated a style that is flowing, clear and relaxing. As a lover of words and a teller of tales, my teaching is enriched with yoga philosophy, poetry and myths. During the Silent Retreat there will be two asana, meditation and pranayama practices daily. Each afternoon will have an hour of Satsang when we will discuss Patenjali's Yoga Sutras. Each morning will be silent until after lunch and the whole of Wednesday will be silent.


I am a keeper of words and a lover of stories, philosophy and poetry. My yoga offers clarity, suggests precision, offers strength whilst suggesting softness. Mornings will be dynamic and flowing and evenings restorative. I am a senior yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance, I am a teacher of teachers and my quest is that of the pure spirit, my guides are integrity and joy. A keen ambassador for the Isle of Wight, I love sharing the footpaths and quite corners of this beautiful countryside with yogis who enjoy blustery walks or muddy runs.


I choose exceptional properties, with ensuite rooms. There is the use of the ancient panelled drawing rooms and small sitting rooms within the country houses for quiet reflection and reading. This property is Grade II listed, heritage Jacobean manor house and offers quality, homely accommodation, set within 15 acres of glorious gardens. It is located in the picturesque village of Shorwell, in an idyllic, rural location and part of the Isle of Wight Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and close to the beaches.


I request local food wherever possible. We cook wholesome, nourishing, vegetarian and plant based dishes that offer balanced nutrition. We can accommodate genuine food intolerances. There is normally cake and healthy snacks available each afternoon.



Shared accommodation - en-suite = £750
Single accommodation - en-suite = £850
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“I feel like crying with happiness." ‍- S. Neary 2013


“I came back so uplifted and inspired by your teachings. This weekend was absolutely perfect, you make everybody feel so welcome and at ease." ‍- V. Alpe 2013


“Thank you so much! This years New Year retreat was even better than last years. Emma was fantastic, as was the accommodation and food. I also thought it was a really lovely group.” ‍- E. Tuffey 2016/17


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