Beach Yoga on the Isle of Wight

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July 22, 2018

When watching children on beaches I am reminded of qualities of trust, innocence, curiosity, joy, boldness, wonder, focus and playfulness. Spontaneous expressions of delight with each and every shell found, wave splashed and sun kissed smile. Beaches are places for the adult to reclaim our inner childlike wonder, where the warmth of the sunshine on the bones melts away the parts of ourselves frozen by adulthood, giving ourselves permission to live freely, fully and carefree. For me, when the sun warms the sand, there is nothing more delicious than pottering down to the beach with my yoga mat beneath my arm, for a seaside practice al-fresco.

Our island has some wonderful quiet spots, places to abandon self-conciousness, stretch and strengthen, breathe deeply and connect to the natural delights of our surroundings, to create some precious head space in the day. I love Colwell Bay for it’s sunsets & the chilled Ibiza vibe that the sultry melodies from The Hut evoke, perhaps connecting me more to my inner teenager. There’s the wildness of Compton where I unroll my mat amongst the grass lands above the rolling surf or Priory beach as I paddle round on my SUP board at dawn to practice my yoga afloat in the sparkling light of the leafy bay, the dog barking as he digs on the sand. These are the places where the adult me, with all of my adult capabilities finds time to reclaim the infantile qualities I find so adorable in young children, the life juice of joy. This isn’t about making fancy shapes in my bikini and posting it on Instagram, this is about having the freedom to build a stone castle or draw a labyrinth in the sand or to sit and simply make time to be present.

Private personal practice, pop up classes, hen parties and private workshops, the Island’s beaches make the best natural yoga studios during the summer months. Isle of Wight yoga teachers are increasingly being called to offer their classes outside and down on the beach during the warmer months; always a pleasure, always an opportunity to feel a little more connected to the planet and little more whole. Currently taking bookings for my private classes - call 07880558599 or for SUP yoga classes this summer, call Tackt-Isle Adventures on 01983 875542.

Posted on
July 22, 2018

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