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Posted on
December 20, 2021

When I am away from the Isle of Wight, it is really important for me to know that I am leaving my yoga students in the care of safe, inspiring and compassionate yoga cover teachers. Tina Jennings and Gabriele Giglio are wonderful additions to our yoga teaching community. Both qualified with the Island School of Yoga and offer thoughtful insightful hatha yoga classes, as well as joining my team to provide cover when my teaching takes me away from home.

Gabriele Giglio and Tina Jennings - 300hr Yoga Teachers

Meet Gabriele -

I have been practicing yoga for more than 20 years whilst working as a photographic producer. I am one of the first yoga teachers to be fully trained in the Isle of Wight, obtaining a 300 hour teacher training certificate from Island School of Yoga. I want to teach to anyone interested in the subtle and yet substantial changes and benefits that yoga brings with regular practice. When practicing with me you can expect a safe comfortable space, breathing  and meditation techniques and a hatha yoga practice rooted in the Sivananda, Ashtanga and Iyengar systems. From energetic and dynamic to smooth and delightful, your needs, interests and curiosity will inform the pace of our asana practice.'

Meet Tina -

Tina believes in unlocking the power of people at work and in life and is committed to providing the highest quality Yoga experience to help her students tap into their innate strengths.

Taking her professional expertise in change and transformation to another level Tina qualified as a Yoga teacher in 2021 with the Island School of Yoga. Tina’s teaching reflects her innate passion for encouraging and exploring the art of the possible, challenging ourselves to embrace personal growth. Her fundamental belief is that we all hold untapped potential, spending time on your mat, being curious about what you notice and need, although sometimes challenging, is where growth and magic happen. Through Hatha yoga teaching’s she supports you to explore Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the 8-limb path offering a holistic Yoga experience. Together you learn what is available to support a meaningful and purposeful life. 

Why I teach Yoga….

“At 45 years of age I realised I’d spent most of it taking care of others but questioned if I was taking care of myself. Yoga unlocked precious time for me to notice what I needed to embrace my best self and to be comfortable with what I found. It wasn’t just the time but the impact of the practice. It was through Asana, Meditation and Pranayama a few of the 8 Limbs that helped me to get clear. I’m a work in progress. I hope I can help others explore what Yoga can offer to them to be at their best every day.”  

Posted on
December 20, 2021

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