After many years of teaching the healing science and art of yoga, I am delighted that in 2020 I founded The Island School of Yoga on the Isle of Wight to offer programmes for our healing, growth and freedom. Courses that strike a rich balance between the traditional teachings of yoga and modern evidence based therapies.

It is my honour and privilege to bring together this collaboration of highly respected and qualified tutors, leading lights in their fields; yoga, meditation, pranayama, soul work, nutritional therapy, clinical psychology, plant medicine, ritual and ceremony and many healing therapies.

The accredited courses for yoga teachers and professionals include:

Yoga Teacher Training

SUP Yoga Teacher Training

The Mindful Athlete Teacher Training

For individuals there are courses that offer opportunities to work with life changing practices for their personal growth and healing. Programmes that bring real life-changing possibilities, whilst compassionately held in a mentored space of kindness and compassion.

Autumn Radiance is a 3 month course to embrace the changes brought by midlife and menopause.

Crisis to Coping is a course to embody the wisdom of clinical psychology through yoga therapy. It is a profound act of self-love to learn to identify, accept and change unhelpful or damaging ways of acting.

Such a rich blend of complementing therapies will make this school a sanctum of healing and growth on the Island. An opportunity for those seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to live a full contented life, free of self limiting beliefs and behaviours. Please visit our website at to review our programmes.

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February 19, 2021

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